Modern Warfare 2 Nuke in 33 Seconds, Fake or Real?

A video has surfaced on the internet that shows a nuke reached in Modern Warfare 2 in only ~33 seconds. This video has been met with skepticism because it does not seem possible that someone can reach this feat in such little time. The person in the video launches a “noob toob” or grenade launcher towards the other teams spawn point and gets an immediate 7 kills which triggers the first kill streak a harrier strike. Then he proceeds to launch the strike then launches the same shot again to attain another 4 more kills to get the 11 kill streak. He then starts the second kill streak reward that is a chopper gunner and completes his 25 kill streak to the nuke while in the gunner seat and ends with a total streak of 51 kills.

Do you think its real or fake, check out the video below and judge for yourself. I honestly don’t know.

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