Galaxy Tab to hit Sprint November 14th for $400, Preorder Today

Sprint has just announced that the Galaxy Tab will be available on November 14th for $399.99 and is available for preorder today. The price is actually $100 lower than AT&T’s price for their Tab. However the lower price don’t forget about the data plans.

If you purchase the Galaxy Tab from Sprint to you will have to sign a 2-year service agreement with one of 2 data plans. The first with a limit of 2GB a month for $29.99 and a second with a limit of 5GB for $59.99 both plans have unlimited messaging.

Both of those data plans are quite expensive for the very low data limits they have. Imagine if you were to go over the data limit and were charged overages. If the carriers don’t find much more reasonable data prices for the tab it will not appeal to the general consumer.

Source: Sprint

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