Verizon Data Plan Change Coming October 28th

It appears that the data plan change that was mentioned by Verizon back in September hasn’t yet happened. But some news has surfaced that reveals the data plan pricing which will be available on the 28th.

Verizon will offer a $15 monthly plan that will give you 150mb of data and 10 cents per MB over that, but Verizon will continue an unlimited plan for $29.99 a month. No news of any other data plans being offered. This plan is going to be a holiday deal to assess its popularity. Although 150mb is low I feel that many people will switch to this plan just for the quick savings.

With Verizon keeping their unlimited data plan available, it may force AT&T to consider re-adding it back to their data plans. Only time will tell, but we can all hope.

Source: WSJ

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