100 Rogues for iPad, iPhone and iPod Review

100 Rogues is a roguelike game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I got a review copy from Fusion Reactions who were very helpful in helping me through the hijinks of getting me a copy.


The basics of the gameplay is a turned based combat system in which your traverse a floor of a dungeon, trying to find the stairs down to the next floor, defeating monster along the way and looting treasure to power up your Rogue. Every few floors there is a boss, unique super challenging monsters. These are a real highlight of the game so I won’t spoil anything here. The monsters are another high point of the game, initially you’ll know nothing about the strengths and weaknesses of each sort of enemy, each of which requires a unique strategy to beat it effectively. With new enemies appearing every few floors, you’ll constantly be kept on your toes.


The game possess charming retro-styled pixel graphics are beautifully original whilst at the same time reminiscent of games gone by.


What little story there is (who needs a story with a roguelike anyway) I found hilarious. “KILL SATAN” is your goal, a task worthy of any adventurer. The little cutesy intro and outro sequences made me laugh out loud when I first saw them.


Pretty Retro Graphics: Pretty, functional retro.

Infinite Replayability: The procedurally generated levels, loot and enemies mean that you could play the game thousands of times and never experience the same game.

Strong Emphasis on Strategic Gameplay: Developing strategies using the skills and items available to you is encouraged and even required on some of the later levels to get past certain types of enemies.

Wonderful boss battles: Although there are only a couple of bosses these are some of the highlights of the game. As I said I don’t want to ruin the suprise. According to the developers, new bosses are currently in the works.

Varied Enemies: Just when you think you’ve seen everything, a new sort of enemy appears and messes with your carefully laid plan, forcing you to think on your feet and keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting.

Good Introductory Roguelike for New Players: It’s a great way get into the genre if you have never played a roguelike before. Its not as hard as Nethack, or Shiren the Wanderer, making it easy for new players to get into.

Varied Gamplay Between the Classes: The 2 (soon to be 3) classes have very different ways of making their way through the dungeon, adding another layer of variety and replayability.

Challenge Mode: These are what it says on the tin, small self contained challenges which test your understanding of the tactics required to beat the game.


Steep Learning Curve: Although simple to learn, 100 Rogues is the sort of game that takes a long time to master. The player will be forced to develop strategies to deal with different monster types and will have to learn when to use what skills and in which combination. Expect to die a lot when you first learn the basics of the game.

Somewhat Glitchy: I’ve experienced a few gamebreaking bugs such as levels being generated with no path to the exit and a few random crashes, which can be frustrating but will probably be fixed in future patches. Word from the developers is that they’re working on fixing the worst of them and many of them will probably be fixed by the time this review is published.

Quite Short: With only 2 classes, a couple of bosses and a handful of floors, this is quite a short game. HOWEVER, you will play it literally for hours, dying hundreds of times to get to the end and no two games are the same. Also, new features, bosses and dungeon depth is planned for the game, with a new class being released soon along with new monsters and items.

Challenge Mode Issues: Unfortunately there are a few challenges that require an awful lot of luck, simply due to the way the game works. To put it simply, the AI doesn’t always go where you need it to be for you to win the challenge.


This is the game that keeps on giving and, despite some problems I very much enjoyed this and recommend it for anyone who likes Roguelikes, or wants something that will keep their attention for a very long time. I give this game a 4/5 Gears rating overall.


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