AOL Looking to Purchase Yahoo?

It seems that AOL might be looking to purchase or merge with Yahoo according to the Wall Street Journal. It seems that Silver Lake Partners and BlackStone Group are firms that would like to team up with AOL to make an offer for Yahoo.

This discussion is only at the beginning as has not even been introduced to Yahoo as of yet so a lot may change in the near future. AOL although has recently made a purchase of TechCrunch for $25 million and a few other companies such as ThinkLabs. AOL seems to be looking to reclaim some of its market share which has been very low for a long time now.

However with Yahoo and AOL to possibly combine their forces it may make an for an interesting company or product. What does AOL have up its sleeves? Would their combined forces be more competitive towards Google, what do you think?

Source: WSJ VIA Mashable

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