Microsoft Awarded Patent to Encode Video using GPU

Microsoft had applied for this patent back in 2004 but only got approved on the 12th of October this year. The patent describes a computer performing calculations on both the CPU and GPU in parallel. The patent states that the technique used enables the GPU to perform estimation for video encoding which allows the GPU to perform this process in parallel with the CPU. With this technique it will allow greatly accelerated video encoding.

I can only assume that Microsoft is looking to include this technology into its Windows Movie Maker platform available for free within Windows. It is completely possible Microsoft could charge for this feature to be activated in a professional version of Windows Movie Maker.

The patent goes on to describe that video editing and rendering consumes a lot of cpu and it would be greatly beneficial to offload that to the GPU. Below is a partial upload of the patent. This looks very similar to Nvidia’s CUDA can you smell a lawsuit?


Source: Patent

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