Windows Phone 7 Preview October 11 Will It Out-live the KIN

Many people have been wondering when the Windows Phone 7 will be coming out and question about applications. I have been researching this question and have found correct Microsoft announcements. The new information that I have collected states that the phone will launched on October 21st in the U. K. and November 8th here in the United States. Windows Phone 7 will be introduced to the public on Monday, October 11th  at events in New York City, New York and London, U.K. Microsoft has announced that when the phone is released that the phone’s marketplace will contain 2,000 quality applications. Will this device have any chance in today iOS and Android dominated market. Or is Windows Mobile to far behind to catch up? The main question about this device is will it live longer than the KIN I or the KIN II?

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Kyle Paddock
I am in my senior year of high-school. My goal is to graduate college with a BS in Computer Engineering and move on to work for Microsoft. I have wanted to review product for a few years now but I never had a website to post them on. I started learning about computers was in 6th grade. Got my first computer. A Windows 95 system. And it all started from there.