Earthquake Jolts Pakistan Once Again!

Around 2:43-46 am the Twin Cities of Pakistan along with neighbouring cities experienced strong earthquake shocks, the duration of the shocks were estimated to be between 10-20 seconds but it could be less. The TV channels are picking up this story and almost everyone is awake now. People are glued to the TV News Channels and as usual they’re praying.

Earthquakes are rare in Pakistan and whenever they strike it usually doesn’t end up well for Pakistan. So far no casualties have been reported, it’s advised that people stay alert and prepare for the worst case scenario. Pack bags, get the emergency supplies ready and make sure to grab mobile phones and cash. If you’re a computer users now would be a great time to back up your important data and head for the safest place, OUTDOOR!

I will update this post when more information, right now, I have to prepare for the end of the WORLD! Nah, I just need to drink some water and chill.

Update: It’s Magnitude 5.1.

Okay it doesn’t look good people. According to the USGS there were 3 Earthquakes in Pakistan from October 6 to October 10 2010 and they did vary in magnitude, the only problem is, it seems the center kept getting close to Islamabad. I fear there will be more quakes in the coming weeks. The intensity could be higher or lower. Am I scared? of course not, I live for this shit!

Magnitude 5.2
Magnitude 4.6
Magnitude 5.1

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