Purdue University to get Verizon 4G LTE Network

Today Verizon announced at CTIA that Purdue University is part of their plans to roll out their 4g LTE Network. Verizon decided to launch the network on Purdue’s campus because of their track record with using mobile technology to enhance higher learning according to Verizon.

The 4G LTE network will be placed in 38 other major metropolitan areas and more than 60 commercial airports by the end of the year including Indianapolis International Airport. Verizon’s aim is to explore how 4G technology can help improve education. I am honestly not sure how they can help improve education unless they provide students with free access to 4G or a 4G device.

Verizon expects 4G speeds to be around 5-12 Mbps downstream and 2-5Mbps upstream when it is deployed and under load. Well we will have to see what the speeds are as the network actually gets deployed, it will be nice if we do actually get speeds like that. Check out the full press release below:

Purdue LTE Launch Final

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