Patent Evidence found that Apple is developing new OSX feature

PatentlyApple has discovered a new patent that shows a new feature being implemented in OSX. The patent appears to describe a more 3D experience in OSX from the usual 2D experience offered by most computers. The patent also implements the new touch screen technology that Apple plans to release on the new Macbook Touch computer line in the future.

It seems that this new feature will also allow you to create virtual input devices on screen like a virtual keyboard and touch pad. These features however not new will probably have a new spin put on them by Apple.

The patent describes an improvement of the user experience by allowing the creation of virtual input devices and being able to customize them to your own liking. As well as the virtual devices being very similar to their physical counterparts IE a touch pad supporting multiple figure gestures virtually as well as physically.

More evidence that Apple has something up their sleeve is the recent job posting that was reported by Gizmodo which is no longer active on Apple’s website.

Source: PatentlyApple

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