Windows Phone 7 OS preparing for an October release date

Microsoft’s release of its latest OS powered devices is set to be in October for the United States. Many parts of the world are expected to receive the new devices on October 21, 2010, but a United States release date has not yet been determined. Most of EuropeNorth Africa and the Middle East are expected to receive the new OS devices on the October 21, 2010 release date. Manufacturers of the device have already received the finalized Windows 7 OS. Expected manufacturers of Windows Phone 7 devices include Asus, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Dell, Samsung and HTC. Some report that Microsoft will reveal a few of their new devices as early as October 11, 2010, in New York City at an open house.

Will this new OS be the touted iPhone killer some expect it to be?  Microsoft has worked for a long time and has completely reworked their OS to be as user friendly as possible. This new OS offers built in Twitter and Youtube support, which was not offered in previous versions, and also includes connections to Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Zune music service.  The biggest hurdle that Microsoft faces is the fact that their new OS does not support tethering, which has become a popular feature on many smartphones. Tethering, which allows the user to connect their computer to the internet by using the phone as a modem, was initially rejected by Apple’s iPhone. Apple quickly changed their mind when their customer base repeatedly requested it.

Microsoft is up against the wall, with lagging sales of their previous OS version devices. Expected to spend up to half a billion dollars on their advertisement campaign, the success or failure of their new OS will greatly impact the company’s future in the mobile device world. Microsoft is taking a large gamble by not offering tethering as a feature, and only time will tell as to if the Windows Phone 7 devices will live up to the hype and put pressure on Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.

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