Minecraft Enterprise D, Pure Awesomeness

Joshua Walker spent the last few months creating a masterpiece. He created the Starship Enterprise Class D from Star Trek – The Next Generation in Minecraft using just blocks. He even recorded a short video of him explaining how he did it and even gave us a sneak peek at the partially completed ship. Check out the video below:

Now I was originally a fan of Star Trek TNG because Captain Picard and Data were just soo cool at the time so it pleases me greatly to see this ship created in this manner. Joshua Walker seems to have felt the same in an interview with ArsTechnica where he said:

“The D was ‘my Enterprise.’ It was the one I grew up watching on TV,”

Joshua did also state that it is his dream to build a 1:1 model of the ship (yours and everyone elses buddy), who would’nt want to see a ship like that actually be built. I always thought that we should be building and flying ships like the Enterprise by now. Joshua did’nt mean for this video to become soo popular he only meant to have fun doing it, we really appreciate you doing this Josh!

Now I guess there has been some controversy about him not actually building it block for block, who would? He did however spend a lot of time extracting layers from original plans created by Mike Okuda and then piped into a computer program to help build the skeletal structure. However it was build, it is plain awesome. Picard says make it so…

Source: ArsTechnica

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