Alien Blue the Unofficial Reddit client updated with huge changes

The Unofficial Reddit client, Alien Blue was updated recently with a ton of changes. The client was already good as it was but now it was updated to look better and perform much quicker than it did before. Check below for a list of all of the updates that happened in version 2.0.

  • Release Notes For v2.0 (Formerly 1.0.6)
  • Critical : Low quality / blurry images showing in the browser view
  • Critical : Fixed AB losing scroll position when low on memory
  • Critical : Patched 3 heavy memory leaks (would cause the app to bloat, slow down and/or crash after a short time)
  • Critical : Refreshes Reddit API authentication token when expired
  • Critical : Show All Images occasionally caused a crash

Features & Improvements

  • Simplified & More Native User Interface
  • Back / Forward in Web Browser
  • Subscribe & Unsubscribe from Reddits through Alien Blue
  • Orangered Envelope
  • Save to Reddit Option (directly from the browser)
  • Save to Photos (directly from the browser)
  • Added “Always Use Instapaper Mobilizer” under Advanced Settings
  • Support for voting arrows when listing Posts
  • Support for voting arrows when listing Comments
  • High-Resolution switch to view comics / text heavy images (from the browser actions)
  • New Comment Theme : Minimalist (similar to Reddit)
  • New Comment Theme : Boxed
  • “Comments to Fetch” setting, supports 200, 500 or 1,000 (Reddit Gold subscribers)
  • Removed circular links to self posts
  • Introduced “News & Updates” section
  • Network activity indicator in the Status Bar all connection activity
  • Improved handling of connection errors
  • Improved “Save State” for 3.x devices
  • New Icon – Thank you Jedberg and KeyserSosa!
  • Fixed: Missing Subreddits bug (when subscribed to more than 50 subreddits)
  • Fixed: Multiple links from messages were browsing to the first link.
  • Fixed: Keyboard overlapping camera controls for Imgur uploads
  • Fixed: “Save Image” activating when tapping “Cancel” on browser action sheet
  • Fixed: In-App Email / Bug Reporting rotating in Upside-Down Portrait
  • Fixed: Empty Subreddit title when restoring from state (3.x devices)
  • Fixed: Truncation of author names in deeper threads

Minor Improvements

  • Rounded corners of Subreddit logos
  • Improved contrast and separation of voting arrows
  • Improved tap sensitivity of voting arrows
  • Full-screen now available in Reddit Selector
  • Added a Help button (top left in Settings)
  • Improved differentiation of visited links in night-mode
  • Fixed “What’s Hot, Top..” tabs blurring in non-retina displays
  • Fixed ultra-thin “Hide” glyph for Retina displays
  • Photo & Camera controls now hide in Landscape (as these are only supported in Portrait)
  • Reduced opacity of full-screen back and exit icons
  • Reduced padding next to subreddits list
  • Changed background colour of “What’s Hot, Top” etc. to better match the UI

High Resolution Images

  • High Resolution images are now displayed by default when viewing images in the browser.
  • Inline images (displayed alongside comments) will still use a lower resolution version if available to keep memory consumption low and performance speedy. The browser view will show all images in high resolution by default.

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