Verizon to remove unlimited data plans

Verizon has announced today that they will soon no longer offer an unlimited data plan to its wireless customers. A move that AT&T took earlier this year by limiting its data plans to 200mb of data for $15 and 2gb of data for $25.

However Verizon did state that they will not be following AT&T in their data plan pricing, it will be something different. Although they did not release any data on what the pricing will look like.

The only thing that Verizon did state about its new data plans is that they would be tiered so they will provide the right data plans for the right usage needed.

On Sprint’s 4G network it still remains unlimited because Sprint says that they do not want to limit their users or they would have to change their behavior. We will see how long that lasts with an average of 7GB of data usage per month.

Stay tuned, Verizon will most likely release the data plan details in the coming weeks ahead.

Source: WSJ

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