Rumor: Project Milo Cancelled or moved

Remember when Project Natal or Microsoft Kinect was announced with a demo of Milo the child that could respond to your every command and movement? Well it seems that now it may never see the light of day. Rumors indicate that Project Milo at Lionhead Studios may have been moved to the Fable Project. So we may see an integration of the Milo technology with Fable which makes way more sense than takling to a child by the pond if you ask me.

The people over at Eurogamer stated that:

Development on Lionhead’s motion-sensing relationship simulation was officially halted yesterday, with “19 contractors” let go, according to a source claiming to be close to the situation.

Well Eurogamer also reached out to Microsoft and Lionhead for comment and got the standard:

“Microsoft does not comment on rumor or speculation.”

The simple fact that they do not comment on rumor or speculation could mean that we may have uncovered that truth that they are doing something with the Milo project. Stay tuned for more developments on this.

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