Foursquare announces “Real-Life” badges

If you have used Foursquare you know that badges are handed out for completing various goals. You may get a badge for a first visit or a frequent visit to the same location or other reasons. Well Foursquare has announced today that they have partnered with an app called RunKeeper which tracks the distance you have ran while using it. You will be able to unlock badges in Foursquare just by completing various milestones in RunKeeper. These badges can be earned without checking in so all you have to do is use the other app and viola you can earn badges for Foursqare.

Foursquare is going to add this ability to several different apps but they have not yet mentioned which ones. They have also reached out to users to ask what you would like to see added to “Real-Life” badges here.

Source: Foursquare

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