GV Mobile another Google Voice app approved by Apple

GV Mobile was re-released today on the App store, the app was originally on the app store but removed by Apple for duplicating iPhone functionality. It seems that Apple has changed their stance on Google Voice apps since then because another similar app was released yesterday. GV Mobile was actually named GV Mobile + because app developers are unable to re-claim an app name once it has been removed from the app store per Apple’s TOU.

GV Mobile + does come packed with features which are listed below


  • New graphics for the keypad
  • Internal favorites (Apple doesn’t provide access to the iPhone Favorites)
  • Copy/Paste into keypad
  • Phone number recognition (when you type a number in your contacts, it shows the name)
  • Tones stay on when key held down
  • Delete button when held down keeps deleting


  • Full landscape support
  • Redesigned Reply/New SMS view
  • Copy SMS messages
  • Contact look-up when entering in name in the New SMS view
  • Action menu for each SMS which allows quick call back and adding person to iPhone contacts
  • Name look-up for SMS messages from a phone number (will cross reference your iPhone contacts for a name)


  • Action menu for each history entry which allows quick call back, SMS, and adding person to iPhone contacts
  • Full landscape support


  • Full landscape support
  • Transcriptions
  • Improved play bar (play/pause, scrubber, transcription toggle)
  • Action menu for each voice mail entry which allows quick call back, SMS, and adding person to iPhone contacts


  • Multiple accounts
  • Offline dialing (initiate a call without using data connection)
  • Data Sync (multiple methods)
  • Default Area Code (since GV requires 10 digit numbers, if set, you can still enter local number without entering the area code)
  • Open to Tab
  • Enable/Disable Do No Disturb
  • Change Call Screening settings
  • Enable/Disable Call Presentation

The GV Mobile + app is currently $2.99 on the app store at this link. However the app may become free if GVMobile can become a trending topic on Twitter today, so please Tweet away!

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