Flipboard updated with more squares, better performance, and better layout

Flipboard for iPad just received an update to version 1.0.2 to allow for more features to be added. One of the newest features that I like best is that you can now more fully customize the content. You can now add a customized feed into the squares instead of only pre-defined content providers or Twitter lists. Another great feature is more room, you can now include up to 21 different sections to include content. Their is now social integration right into each article that it pulls, when you open a post a panel appears on the right side allowing you to tweet back to the author. The app has also had some performance tweaks to make it open faster and grab content more quickly. Check out the full update list below:

  • More sections: Add up to 21 sections to your Flipboard. Remove accounts that you don’t use.
  • Faster launch: Start browsing content immediately, limited offline browsing.
  • Fresher content: Automatic refresh when new content is ready. Loads more pages when you get close to the end of a section.
  • Even better layout: Smarter page layouts. Web page snapshots are shown when text preview isn’t available.
  • Better recommendations: Easier to browse recommended sections and add custom feeds.
  • Other features: Retweet with comment, more reliable video playback, view original web page for cover images, better Facebook feed fidelity.


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