China creates first directly solar powered air conditioner

In Dezhou, China, Shandong Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd unveiled the worlds first directly solar powered air conditioner. The unit was revealed at the World Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Development Forum which was hosted in Dezhou.

This new air conditioner is a leap towards energy independence with predictions that the worlds traditional energy resources will be depleted by 2060. With the implementation of China’s Renewable Energy Law which supports the usage of renewable energy China has quickly become the worlds largest user and creator of solar energy.

“Energy consumption by air conditioning units accounts for about 60% of energy consumption in buildings, which is 30 times that of solar-powered water heating units. Therefore, the development of solar-powered central air conditioning will not only bring about a great energy revolution, but will also bring about another technological and industrial revolution,” stated Qin Hong, deputy director of the Ministry of Urban-Rural Development’s Center for Policy Studies. “As a new product, if the solar-powered air conditioning unit can capture the attention and approval of the market, its future market prospects are vast.”

China plans to push development of solar powered devices for every solution in the home and business. He Zuoxiu, academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, states that:

“China’s plan for the development of sustainable energy sources clearly states that by 2020, sustainable energy sources will represent only 15% of energy consumed. Because the development and exploitation of solar power is in line with China’s adjustment of industrial structuring as well as its macro-level policies concerning the development of the circular economy, the green economy, and the low-carbon economy, it is safe to say that the development potential of the solar power industry is enormous.”

This first solar powered air conditioning unit was the result of 3 years of effort from Chinese and American scientists. There was no mention of the price of the A/C unit but it was mentioned that it would take up to 3.5 years to see a return on the investment. I would’nt mind having a solar powered air conditioner, but we still havent been able to reduce the amount of heat generated by air conditioners. More information in the source.

Source: PR Newswire

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    Solar power is the only way out, solve our energy resource’s problem.

  • Anonymous

    I think that LG has created the first solar powered air conditioner, I have read many articles about solar powered air conditioners,but nobody has written the price for them.

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