5 new exclusive games announced for Xbox Kinect

I felt that one of Kinect’s weakest sides was its game choices, but Microsoft has announced today 5 new exclusive titles and more.

The first exclusive is called “Codename D” created by Grasshopper and Microsoft Game Studios the makers of “Killer7” and the “No More Heroes” series.  Killer7 was an action adventure game for GameCube and Playstation 2. The game was about an elite group of assassins which performed hits on behalf of the United States government. In Codename D you will fight for you life to survive an evil amusement park fill with twisted, eerie creatures.

The second exclusive is called “Project Draco” from the creators of “Phantom Dust” and “Panzer Dragoon” by Grounding and Microsoft Game Studios. In the game you will be able to nurture and learn to communicate with your dragon and you must train it and make it your partner in combat. The game is also Xbox Live enabled and will allow you to take to the skies with friends, no mention on how many players over Xbox Live.

The third game is called “Haunt” by NanaOn-Sha and Microsoft Game Studios. In this game you take your friends with you over Xbox Live into a spooky haunted house which is filled with mystery. The game features traps, ghosts, ghouls, and other frights to stand in your path. Sounds like a family style game not for a hardcore gamer.

The fourth game is “Steel Batalion Heavy Armor” from Capcom and From Software. Steel Battalion has been on the Xbox before but never with Kinect. The game is based in the year 2082 in Manhattan a time when computers and almost all modern technology have been lost. The biggest and greatest nations in the world are at war in a battle for supremacy. America’s army takes to New York to begin the offensive ground war. The battle should be extremely realistic with the help of Kinect. Check out the trailer below for your pleasure.

The fifth and final exclusive announcement came from Sega and the game is “Rise of Nightmares.” The game will feature a spine-tingling horror experience that fully takes advantage of Kinect’s controls.

There aren’t that many details about the games mentioned above but we hope that more information will be released as the Kinect launch moves closer. There are a few other games that were mentioned as downloadable on the Xbox Live Arcade. The first being “Fire Pro Wrestling” by Spike and Microsoft Game Studios.” In this game your avatar on Xbox Live will become a pro wrestler. The game offers avatar customization to make it look more like a pro wrestler.

The second downloadable title will be called “Radiant Silvergun” created by Treasure, and Microsoft Game Studios. The game is a classic scrolling style shooter famous in Japan. The game will be revived on the Xbox Live Arcade with the return of the unique seven-weapon system, as well as improvements to the overall game. Below is a trailer of the old game which will be greatly improved for the Xbox.

Some other mentions are “Body and Brain Connection” from Namco Bandai Games, “Child of Eden” from Ubisoft, and “Metal Gear Solid: Rising” from Kojima Productions. Xbox Kinect releases in November and should bring these exciting new titles, keep a look out.

Source: Press Release

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