New released! has been redesigned today with a new look and more features. I am happy to see some of the following changes happen that were already available in most Twitter clients. First being embedded photos and videos are new viewable on the new Twitter. Twitter has made some astonishing partnerships with Flikr, Justin.TV, UStream, and many more to bring the embedded photos and videos to life in your timeline.

Related content, you can now click a Tweet an additional details pane will show information about the author or subject of the Tweet. For Example it could include more @replies or tweets by the same user and even supports geotagging. Mini profiles have been expaneded to include more information when you click a users name. Twitter states that most of these new features will roll out during the next week or so. We do not have access to the new Twitter yet, but it is being rolled out to everyone as we speak.

We will give you some more impressions when were able to access it ourselves.

Update: Twitter will also have infinite scroll

Source: NewTwitter

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