The All New Apple TV

At Apples media event today Apple revealed the new redesigned Apple TV. The new Apple TV is 1/4 the size of the original. The new Apple TV includes an HDMI port, Ethernet Port, Power, 802.11n Wifi capabilities, USB, Optical Audio. The USB was seen in the video but they did not mention what the USB port was actually used for. This all new Apple TV is now $99, which is down from its $299 previous price tag.

Apple TV will no longer offer purchased movies and videos it is now only rentals. The reason behind this was cheaper prices overall, and the Apple TV can be cheaper because there is no storage inside. All video is HD when available of’course at 720p, they did not go with 1080p because they figured 720p was a happy medium between quality and bandwidth.

First run HD movies start at $4.99, and cheaper thereafter. TV shows are now $.99 in HD and no commercials, that is CHEAP. The first studios to offer TV is ABC and Fox, with more studios to join later.

Streaming from your PC will be available with Apple TV, as well as streaming from the iPad. Yes you heard right, the iPad, you will be able to view all of your purchased content that you bought on your iPad right on your TV over 802.11n. Netflix is also available on Apple TV and of’course in 720p. YouTube is also included, as well as MobileMe, Internet Radio, and Flikr.

With a pricetag of $99 we can expect the Apple TV to sell like hotcakes, I may even purchase one :).

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