According to Apple, iOS 4.1 wont fix Proximity Sensor Issues

CultofMac reports that the upcoming iOS 4.1 update for the iPhone 4 will not correct the proximity sensor issues some of us are having. The issue is that when you hold the phone up to your ear the screen is supposed to shut off to prevent accidental inputs, but for many users the opposite is happening.

An Apple Spokesperson spoke to Fiona Martin confirmed that the fix may not actually fix the problem. TheNextWeb who actually spoke to Fiona had this to say:

Apple Australia spokeswoman Fiona Martin has acknowledged that the company has yet to fix the proximity sensor issue, something that will have iPhone 4 users up in arms when they download the update, only to find the problems are still apparent.

Apples media press conference this Wednesday may reveal more than what we initially thought. Apple may have to address the issue of the proximity sensor with us, maybe admit a hardware bug or failure, or possible manufacturing defect. Stay tuned as we get closer to Apples press conference on Wednesday.

Source: CultOfMac, TheNextWeb

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