New iTV remote concept, like the Magic Trackpad but a remote

The upcoming Apple announcement on the 1st has everyone in a stir at what could be announced. Most people are certain it will be about the new Apple TV. Dan Wineman has created on his blog a conceptual picture of what a new remote for the iTV could look like. Dan combined the new Magic Trackpad and an iPod touch and he came up with this:

Now this is completely plausible that Apple could come up with something like this, a small screen with all the finger gestures you would need to navigate through the Apple TV menus. Check out Dan’s story behind his design:

But you need some kind of controller to play a game, unless Apple is working on its own version of Kinect, which I doubt. An Apple Remote doesn’t really cut it, and while an iPhone or iPod touch would make a great game console controller, as has been pointed out, it’s unlikely that Apple would require one: no game publisher is going to invest in developing a game whose market is restricted to owners of two separately-purchased devices, and iTV sales would be hobbled from the start. At least one standard controller needs to be included in the box for the iTV to be a viable gaming platform, so that controller has to be relatively simple and inexpensive.

What if that simple, inexpensive controller is something like an iPhone without the screen?

Above, I’ve crudely Photoshopped this concept together. It’s the love child of an iPod touch and a Magic Trackpad. It has the same inertial and gyroscopic motion sensors as the iPhone 4, and the same multitouch surface we’re familiar with. A home button. Bluetooth. No screen.

Check out more info at his blog.

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  • lemon

    That does look pretty cool!
    But what I’d like to see is a new Apple TV that’s more like the Airport Express. Just a little module that plugs into the wall. Throw in a video processor chip and a bit of Flash memory and make it cheap enough I can connect one to every TV in the house. Then everything streams wirelessly from my Mac with a nice interface, remote controlled by the iPhone/iPod/iPad. That’s all I want.
    Though enjoy videos or movies on iPhone or iPad in the help of iFunia video converter for lack of flash support, yet very cool, handy and free on the go, but image that remote with iPhone/iPod/iPad, enjoy the stream TV on MAC with a nice interface really a match made in heaven!

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