HP teases 3 new prototypes

Since the recent HP buyout of PALM we have been waiting for what HP may have in store for us. Well HP’s CTO Phil McKinney has tweeted some pictures of 3 new devices that could be released in the near future. The picture has the devices blacked out so we can only see their outlines but 1 seems to be a tablet, other a phone, and 3rd is something on his wrist maybe a media player? The second link on his twitter status leads us to a SXSW panel that he will be speaking at about devices of the future. So these devices may be further off than we think, or he might bring the future to us now.

Source: Twitter via Engadget

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  • Anonymous

    We’re really seeking exciting, new user interfaces and devices from a guy that wears his pen on his shirt. Guys, give up. Apple has you beat. That last well-designed thing to come out of HP was… was… wait, oh, nevermind.

  • Anonymous

    in one picture he is holding a memo, it’s dated 2007 and this is the first time he’s reading it. That’s a mickey mouse watch (the battery is dead) and he is holding a Palm thinking, “WTF did we just buy?”

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate it if someone could photoshop all that back in.

  • RO

    Since the wrist is covered along with both gadgets, I wonder if it is something that can interface with both – maybe something for security and/or input control? His line of sight almost seems directed towards his wrist rather than the devices.


  • Carl Draper

    I’d rather buy an Android device than an iPhone/iPad as you havn’t got Apples nannying all the time, it’s restricted app store and bad reception.

  • Carl Draper

    The pics don’t help me much, the first could be a book and the second could be a bar of soap….

  • Guest

    lamest. tease. ever.

  • RO

    After some more inspection: there is some circular item in the lower left corner on the upper right corner of that pad on the desk with all the white squares (some sort of digitizer?), and it looks to be some sort of wrist band (although rather big for his wrist – maybe it is in the open position). Maybe that is the same/similar to what is actually on his wrist. That reinforces my idea of it being some interface for the 2 objects he is holding.

    I also see that he is not exerting much effort to hold the smaller object – it looks as though it is just resting on his ring finger with the 2 fingers above seeming to just prop it from behind with the thumb more or less stabilizing, so it would seem to be pretty light.

    Could the wrist band be some sort of inductive sensor to convert signals from his nerves to commands to the devices? That would be a cool concept to put into a consumer device as researchers are doing now in labs for aiding disabled people.

    Just some speculations…


  • twelve

    haha you’re too funny man

  • Mimsyswallows

    The future is BEARDY-MAN!

  • http://-- Paul

    Hey… Forget about those fascinating black blobs, I want a keyboard like that!

  • Sanity

    Yeah I noticed that too, I also saw some kind of red cable coming from it…looks like into some other device.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    It’s a brick!

  • Anonymous

    A bar of soap? Did you see the guy in the picture?

  • RO

    That red cable looks as though it could be a power cable to a dock in the upper photo – charging mechanism?

    Also, someone on SlashDot (pointed me to this site) speculated ( ) that the wrist band could be a data and processing/control component for the the pad/tablet devices with them being not much more than display devices (sort of like a Celio Redfly for WinMobile and Blackberry smart phones – – I have one, and find it useful sometimes, but it has not taken off)


  • Leif Madsen

    My favourite part is the novation launchpad on the desk!

  • Jonathan Wilson

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the wrist item is some kind of bluetooth wrist thingo that can talk to phones and tablets.

  • Anonymous

    The thing with the white squares is a MIDI controller.

  • Anonymous

    There are no Android tablets, the carriers do the nannying on Android, there are hardly any apps except ringtones and wallpapers anyway, and they’re all baby Java apps, not desktop class native C apps. The idea that there is a reception problem with Apple devices and somehow the 100 million users aren’t noticing is asinine.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing dozens of pictures of so-called iPad competitors that had their screens off, this now takes the cake.

    Where is the pride in tech outside of Apple? STFU and ship something.

  • Greg Ryman

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these black devices. Think of all the uses!

  • Sanity

    Very Interesting.. I would like to see more.

  • Sanity

    I loled

  • Facebooksuckscock

    It’s too late to invent the chalkboard, dumbass.

  • Grismar

    HP is completely out of fresh ideas and they will be monitoring this thread to steal any clever ideas people have to fill in the blanks. They will then shop them into the image, claiming it was the original and award a prize to the person who “guessed it right”.

  • Sindrezg

    You can see the same wrist device laying on the keyboard, white and round. What a lame photoshop job!!!

  • george

    “That last well-designed thing to come out of HP was… was… wait, oh, nevermind.”

    hp48. and noone, not even your precious apple, will ever top that.

  • app developers

    What stupid pictures. I would be glad if HP realeased something new and great, but this news…I didn’t even get what all this stuff was about.

  • Tekgoblin

    It’s a pair of headphones, look closer.

  • John

    He uses a microsoft mouse ! What a shame !
    Doesn’t HP makes it’s own mouse ????

  • Jodran

    Hopefully one of those is a beard trimmer.

  • Sanity

    Yes they do, lol I used to use them.

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