Apple’s Beta – iPhone4 an opinion

Opinion Piece from an App Developer:

Let’s take trip down memory lane.  June 15, 2010 – iPhone4’s crazy pre-order date. Ohh the chaos.  AT&T cried at the load and spoke for Apple saying that they didn’t expect the numbers AND all you kept hearing regurgitated was the same bull: “ten times more pre-ordered than any previous releases, 600,000 units”- yada yada.  Yes AT&T is the devil carrier of the iPhone, but Apple is its creator.  Yet after this halfbutt release, people seem to have been hit in the head with an apple with no eureka moment.

Let’s take another trip down memory lane, high school statistics.  For an amount of work estimate: to get an accurate sample size of how consumers will act/react to a methodology, idea, and even a product with a 99% confidence level, confidence interval of 4, a population size of the US, Apple would need to sample of <1050 people to get an understanding of what we would think of the iPhone4.

From a company who pinpoints and plans every move they make months and years in advanced it’s too hard for me to believe an “unthinkable” amount of people logged in for the preorder.  We all know AT&T lies, “we have great service…” hahaha, but Apple, really, I know you’re incorporated but come on.  Although most of the time we blindly follow – please don’t insult us, we know what a beta is.

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Jeramiah Carr
Graduated from Purdue in CIT minor in management, currently work for fortune 500 company as an IT Analyst doing DB work.