Netflix is finally here for the iPhone

Today Netflix has made history by releasing it for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We have been waiting for a long time since Netflix was announced at the last WWDC conference. And now its here.

The iPhone version of Netflix is quite easy to navigate, after you have logged in you are greeted with a screen with 4 tabs at the bottom. The first tab being the Home screen features your recommendations and at the top a Resume button if you have watched something recently. The next tab is the genre section that categorizes movies based on guess what, Genre! The third tab is search that allows you to simply search for instant watch movies. And the final tab is your instant queue which allows you to play movies that you have already added to it.

I have tried and watched a show on both 3G and Wifi and they both look great! I am quite glad that Netflix supports streaming over 3G because some places I go the Wifi is either not free or is worse than 3G. Well if you are a Netflix subscriber and have an iPhone or iPod Touch get the app below!


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