Digg Version 4, Improvement or Disaster?

Walkthrough the new Digg with Kevin Rose from Digg Videos on Vimeo.

I have been using Digg in the past few months quite regularly. But my account was registered way back. Since, I rely on Twitter for getting some traffic, I seldom use Digg. But that doesn’t mean Digg doesn’t have its uses. From a blogger, forum user perspective Digg is an essential tool which makes it easier for other users to find content you published. It’s has the backing of many publishing giants and if used correctly it can be a vital tool for research.

Digg Version 4 which promises to be better and faster than before, has been in development for some time.  Like others I awaited the Version 4 with high expectations. According to Kevin Ross Digg Version offers:

  • Speed – the new Digg is faster in every way: submitting articles, loading pages, and Digging content.
  • Personalization – we put a lot of thought into how people consume news and wanted to make it easy to view content from the friends, publishers, and influencers you care about. Once you start following your friends, and sources you trust, we’ll build a custom news homepage for you called “My News”. Customizing Digg will enable you to see your friend’s recent Digg or Comment, as well as the latest article submitted by a publisher.
  • Friends & sharing – the new Digg is all about making it easy to see the stories your friends are Digging and commenting on, and to share interesting stories with them. You’ll notice activity from the profiles you’re following highlighted in stories, on comment pages, and even on their profile page as you navigate the site. Attach your blog or RSS feed to your profile and send your followers content as you create it.

To give you a better idea here is the screen shot of the new Digg Interface.


I already added some comments but the interface is simple and easy to use. I love the quick Digg button and thanks to the social networking integration, I can easily follow users from different networks. I didn’t get the Invite option but I guess it’s for inviting new users to Digg Version 4 and it might automatically add the new user to your followers list.

So, is the new Digg interface an improvement or just another buggy upgrade that no one wanted? Well, in my opinion, it’s a success. I didn’t fancy the old Digg but I am actually thinking of using the socially enhanced Digg V4.

Just as a test, use this link to sign-up for Digg. I want to see what really happens. And also, FOLLOW ME on Digg :).

Thanks for reading.



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  • H. Jane

    The CEO of Digg is named Kevin Rose, not Kevin Ross… BTW, New Digg sucks balls. I’ve been using digg for close to four years as my source of news and funny pics/vids. This is by far, the worst version of Digg I’ve ever seen. It’s simply a hybrid of Digg, Twitter & Facebook, all rolled up into one.

  • Diggsgruntled

    New Digg is a disaster. I doubt the author actually used Digg much if at all.

  • Sanity

    What don’t you like about the new digg? Please share your thoughts.

  • Anthraxscare

    November 10, 2005 I signed up with digg – Thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of comments and participation in the community later, it took less than 48 hours of Digg V4 for me to abandon it. Shame too because I loved me some Digg. The new digg is not in anyway a reflection of it’s former self – that being a user-driven site. In the true sense of the word. Watching the users votes count for nothing, and seeing the user’s voice get reduced to as little as possible (no bury option, disappearing profile stats (all those comments I made: GONE etc), and the kicker: watching high profile websites and companies get their stories rushed to the frontpage at breakneck speed. (A couple old time diggers who had never had a a submission hit the front page tested the ridiculousness of the new version by submitting some random “mashable” article: Less than 15 minutes later, Bang. Front page. Utter horsesh*t.) Even after so-called “tweaking”, take a look at how many articles are self-submitted by the very website the article is pointing to. Digg has become a virtual blogspam farm. And of course, you can’t bury it either.

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