Potty Training App Comes to the iPhone – iGo Potty

Kimberly-Clark the makers of Pull-Ups have launched a new tool to help potty train your kids. Its called iGo Potty, if the name doesnt make you laugh this will. The app has a character called “Patty the Potty” which will talk to your kids throughout the day reminding them to try and go on the potty. The app also rewards the kids with the following:

iGo Potty also offers a variety of digital rewards, like stickers and games, to keep potty training fun and motivating. The app helps parents and toddlers stay motivated by unlocking access to new rewards and games after a set number of successes are achieved. iGo Potty also encourages parents to pass along important updates and celebrations with custom reports tracking potty successes.

If you are a parent and have a child in this phase try and app we would love to hear a success story. The app is free and is on the app store now, the link is below.


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