StumbleUpon strikes again with their iPhone and Android App

Today StumbleUpon has released their mobile App for both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. I do love to sit back on my iPad or even my laptop and just stumble, you never know what you are going to come across. Now that they have released it on the iPhone and Android I can do it when I am out and about in the real world.

The app consists of the same features you would find on a normal StumbleUpon toolbar on your computer. First you have the Home button which will take you to your homepage. Then you have your thumbs up and down buttons as well as the Stumble button to begin stumbling through websites. The bottom of the application features the back and forward buttons the same that you would have on a web browser as well as a reload button just incase something didn’t load right. Next there is a share button that allows you to share the current page on Facebook, Twitter, or even Email. Finally comes the social button which shows who else thumbed up this website or reviewed it.

From the home screen you can also view all of your favorites that you have submitted to StumbleUpon as well as check your friends list. Overall I think StumbleUpon has hit it again with a great new way to stumble. I will be stumbling more now that its available on my iPhone. Get the app here for your iPhone:

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