Red Dead Redemption Review

Red Dead Redemption is a game based on the difficulties of living in the old west. Red Dead Redemption has many different features that builds upon the unexplored world of the west. Life in the west was extremely difficult. Hunting was vital for survival. While playing Red Dead Redemption you can tell that Rockstar intended for this to be very important. You can skin the different types of creatures for meat and hide. But hunting different varieties of animals for meat and hide was not only for food. You need the skins and meat for money to buy land and horses. After a good hunt you can bring the items you gained to a shop. You trade these items for ammunition, horses and other items. You can even purchase bait to attract the animals to your location. However you can not use bait near a settlement.

Red Dead Redemption has an extremely big open world. It my take you up to 5min to get from one end of the map to the other (corner to corner). There are deserts, mountains, hills, and plains. However some of these locations like Mexico and Tall Trees will not be available for you to enter until you complete the required quests. Since the game is open world you might find yourself trying to find a way to get into these locations before you can unlock them. This is time consuming. After 3-6hrs into the game I started to wonder why the starting area is the only location i have unlocked. Although the starting area is large it seemed like I was just wandering around the desert.  However this doesn’t take away from the gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption has a very interesting combat system of its own. The game uses the lock on system from Grand Theft Auto. Although feels like it has been patched for the better. In Grand Theft Auto you locked on and fired no matter where it hit. But in Red Dead Redemption I found myself mastering a lock on system. I started asking around and found that other gamers who had played this also started to master the new combat system in there own way. Some people used cover more affectively than others. Some people would run into battle but get a head shot every time. Even though the lock on system seems out dated and over used. It can be mastered and used in Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption has a fun and exciting multi-player experience. The different game modes are interesting and you never know whats going to happen. One moment you might think that you are safe. And the next you are hit by a fire bottle. There is no kill cam which causes some issue. Although when you die the camera turns in the direction and zooms in on the person who killed you. The problem is you might not see the person if he was using cover.  When you get a kill it doesn’t get you much experience.  Doing Free roam is the only real way to level up.

Red Dead Redemption has a solid free roam. You can join a game publicly or create a private one. From a private game you can either invite more players to your game or go public. If you are the leader of this game you will bring everyone with you when you switch to public. In free roam you can level up by completing gang hideouts with your group or alone. You can gain about 1000xp from these hideouts every time you complete one. This is the fastest way to level up and can get very repetitive. Every time i joined a friends game and group we ended up completing Fort Mercer over and over again. You can complete other gang hideouts besides Fort Mercer. But in order to get more form the time you have you must hit replay. If you do not hit replay you will have to either go out of the area and then come back to reset the hideout.  This wastes time and is hard to do when you have 8 people in your group that don’t know whats going on.

What I think

Gameplay – 5 stars

Singleplayer – 5 stars

Graphics – 5 stars

Multiplayer – 3.5 stars

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