Gen Con 2010: Wil Wheaton, yeah he was there

Yeah I was pretty pumped to find out that the cast of ‘The Guild’ was at Gen Con but even more so when I found out Wil Wheaton was there. So I found out he was signing his autograph in the exhibition hall so I had to get in line for that. Well this is the first time I have ever seen Wil older than his role on Start Trek TNG as Wesley Crusher. I must admit Wil was the nicest person, Wil was the kind of person that would give a fan a hug or shake their hand or even play games with them if not for the fact that he got sick doing that at Pax last year.

Well if you dont know who Wil Wheaton is by now Google it already and check out his awesome blog. Also the pic is below, me with Wil.. Epic :D. Thank you will for being awesome.

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