Looking for Torrents? Try Twitter

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But thanks to Twitter fast growth Torrent users, especially the uploaders are using Twitter to get their releases out. This means if you’re a fan of  True Blood and want to watch the latest episode as soon as it comes out, all you have to is use Twitter Search feature and you will get the latest torrent download links.

It can also be used to in another fashion. Since, most show releases get nuked or are fake, using Twitter gives you real time feedback about the torrent and thanks to a new application which basically looks for torrent on Twitter,  you can easily get the latest content without doing much.

The application is called Torrent Tweet and it functions by looking for infohashes which are basically a digital finger print of the torrent file, making it easier for users to download the file they’re actually looking for.

Torrent Tweet is a Twitter-based system for following and contributing to discussions relating to individual torrents. Tweets are indexed with an automatically generated hashtag unique to each torrent file.

So, the main question is, Is it allowed on Twitter? Well, according to TechCrunch it’s illegal to share copyrighted material on Twitter but that doesn’t stop users from doing it and as more users are migrating to twitter things will only get better for the Pirate Community. But like everything, there is a risk for users sharing the information. Like all social networking websites, twitter can get you in trouble as well.

If you’re using Twitter for p2p download and sharing, then I strongly suggest you use a ghost account or an alternate account. Using your main account is tempting but unless you live in Pakistan or some other country with Intellectual Property rights aren’t enforced, it’s better not to risk it.


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