Gen Con 2010: Loopz an improved Simon? [Video]

We all remember the Simon game where you had to remember colors and press them in order. Well Mattel has re-invented the game and created a game called Loopz. The game is now turned right side up instead of laying down and the pace has been increased. You have to move fast and remember the colors and positions at the same time. The game is only $30 so it is definitely worth trying out.

Loopz™ is a memory game that challenges you to repeat patterns of light and music. Get ready to rock your reflexes, tune up your timing, and have a blast!

When Loopz™ plays changing patterns of light and music, all you have to do is repeat them by waving your hands through the matching loops – you don’t need to touch anything! In certain game modes, you can even create your own music!

Video after the break.

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