Gen Con 2010: Konami Booth Tour [Video]

Hey guys were still here at Gen Con, we got a chance to tour the Konami Booth here as well and we shot a video for you. Konami is here to promote Yu Gi Oh! as well as some of their video games. Konami was showing off a specific new game for card stores called a Yu Gi Oh! Duel Terminal. The terminal allows you to play duels as well as use Token cards won by playing the game.

Konami was also allowing attendees to play some of the World Championship Yu Gi Oh players at the show and giving out packs to winners and participants. Below we will include shots of the booth as well as the video. Enjoy.

Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to join in on all the action. They can jump into a casual game, enter into Win-A-Mat tournaments, battle in the ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! event, or play against top-notch talent from around the globe at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament. Those interested in learning how to play can get a hands on demonstration from one of KDE’s experts at their booth in the main exhibit hall. – Konami

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