Gen Con 2010: Sandstorm LLC offers to turn your gaming idea into a reality

Coming across many features, events and people during Gen Con 2010, we found a lot of interesting bits of information. One prominent feature was not just the games themselves but the way they are developed. For instance, lets say I come up with a concept of a game. It is something which I have been developing and thinking about for months. I develop art work and generate ideas. However, these ideas are just a waste unless they are produced, marketed and become commercially successful. This is where Sandstorm LLC comes into play.

After speaking with David Stansel, President and General Manager of Sandstorm LLC, and  Jessica Blair, VP of sales and marketing, we were able to understand the concept of Sandstorm LLC’s  role in game development. Basically, they take a creative artist’s work and thoroughly review and fine tune it. Furthermore, they understand what an artist wants and implement their idea. In other words, they turn your idea into a realistic game.

Hecho is an example of a game brought to live by Sandstorm LLC and Glowfly

Sandstorm offers an array of services which includes capital, sales and management. These resources enables small affiliated companies to thrive. Currently, the company is working with four other studios – Wildfire, Glowfly, Closet Nerd and Posthuman.

According to Jessica, the company is fairly new but they are working on projects and games in the future which are based on resource gathering, globalizing and strategics. The company is also looking forward to expand their publicity through iPhone Applications.

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