Apple Store coming soon to South Bend, – Indiana University Park Mall

Indiana really needed a new Apple Store and now our wishes and dreams have been answered. The South Bend Tribune reported recently that a lot in University Park Mall was under construction by Apple for a new Apple Store. Well I have confirmed that it is indeed an Apple store because I searched on Apple’s Job site and they are hiring for a South Bend store. Check out the picture below:

Quote from SBT:

Space No. 446.

That is what another state construction report filed last week indicated is the spot where University Park Mall shoppers will soon be able to browse Apple products.

Shoppers have taken note of a mysterious solid black wall completely sealing off construction activity currently taking place inside the former Lane Bryant store inside the mall.

That is space 446, we have confirmed. It is located between Abercrombie & Fitch and Shi by Journey. Renovations started behind the wall about two weeks ago.

The new Apple retail store, according to the latest state report, will comprise just under 5,800 square feet. And given that renovations are already under way, the store should open in time for holiday shopping.

But that’s my unofficial best estimate only.

Apple has not yet confirmed the Mishawaka store, although it has been seeking employees for a “South Bend” store. And U.P. Mall officials are still unable to comment.

Rumors indicate that it will open in time for Christmas 2010 which makes a lot of sense. Stay tuned as more information arises.

UPDATE: Here is a shot of the Apple Store Under construction at the Mall.

Source: SBT

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