iOS 4: The Guide and How To

If you have an iPhone you probably have iOS 4, here is a guide to the features in iOS 4. Please remember that most of the features apply to only the 3GS or iPhone 4 not the iPhone 3G. I am only going to cover features that are new or changed in iOS 4.


The first up in our list is multitasking which allows you to run multiple applications on your iPhone without closing them completely. For example you can listen to Pandora while browsing the web or using another app.

To access multitasking to see which apps you have running double tap the home button. The above screen will show and you are now able to either switch through your running apps or close them. To close a running app you just hold your finger on it until it starts shaking, then press the red minus sign that appears. To return from the shaking state, just press your iPhone’s home button one more time. You can also access the iPhone screen rotation lock and iPod controls by swiping all the way to the left. Multitasking is only available with the iPhone 4 and 3GS.


With the new iOS 4 you can now create folders for your iPhone apps to make them more organized and easier to access. To accomplish this all you need to do is hold your finger on an app until it starts shaking then drag in on top of another app and it will create a folder. Folder names are created automatically based on the app category or you can specify your own. Folders can also be dragged around like apps and even placed in the dock at the bottom of the screen.


First it was on the iPad now it’s on the iPhone, iBooks allows you to read your favorite books or PDF’s right on your iPhone. iBooks does not come installed by default so you will have to visit the App Store to download it, and don’t worry it’s free. You can also get your complimentary free book “Winnie the Pooh” from the iBookstore. The online iBookstore allows you to actually download previews of books before you purchase them to see if it actually interests you, previews can be up to 50 pages in length.

Custom Wallpaper

New to iOS 4, you can now customize your wallpaper and the lock screen background. To do this you need to select Settings then Wallpaper press the button that appears, and then you can select from current wallpaper or something from your camera roll. When you choose an image you can select if you want it to appear on the home screen or lock screen or both.


The way email is handled with the iPhone has changed with iOS 4. You can now manage multiple mail accounts with one unified inbox. For example, you can view your email for specific accounts in their individual inbox’s or you can view a giant inbox that will display all of your new mail across all of the accounts at the same time. Also new with iOS 4 is threaded email, similar to Gmail when you receive a reply to a message Mail will thread the message so you can keep the conversation in one email instead of multiple. With the new setup you can also sync your calendars on your iPhone with Gmail.

Spell Check

The spell check on the iPhone has been improved with iOS 4 to work across all apps as long as you are typing something. The intelligent keyboard will also try to predict what you would like to say and help with inserting punctuation where needed. As always this can be disabled from the settings on the home screen.

Facetime (only iPhone 4)

FaceTime is Apple’s new video call program which is only available on the iPhone 4. FaceTime allows 2 iPhone 4 users while in a call to initiate a video conversation. To use FaceTime you must be connected to a wifi network with both iPhones and in an active call, a FaceTime icon will appear on the call screen, one person touches this button to invite the other and voila you are video chatting. If the FaceTime icon is not there when you are making calls it is probably disabled in the settings menu. To enable FaceTime go to Settings, then Phone, then slide the FaceTime slider to the On position. Here is a video made by Apple of FaceTime below:

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