Apple launches new Magic Trackpad

Today Apple has launched a new product, the Magic Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is a larger verson of the track pad that is on the Macbook’s except that this one is portable. The trackpad uses the same functionality that you would get on your Macbook including all gestures. The trackpad is actually 80% larger than what is on the Macbooks and it connects to your computer via bluetooth and runs on 2 AA batteries. I would have to say, the trackpad actually looks useful. Here is some official info from Apples press release:

The Magic Trackpad brings the intuitive Multi-Touch™ gestures of Mac notebook trackpads to the desktop. With its glass surface, the wireless Magic Trackpad allows users to scroll smoothly up and down a page with inertial scrolling, pinch to zoom in and out, rotate an image with their fingertips and swipe three fingers to flip through a collection of web pages or photos. The Magic Trackpad can be configured to support single button or two button commands and supports tap-to-click as well as a physical click. Magic Trackpad is available separately for $69.

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