Algadon Review, Online Browser-based RPG

From time to time we like to review something that is not as techie as our usual posts. This can include something that was just fun or interesting. Well were talking about a browser-based free online RPG called Algadon.

Like we said above Algadon is free, you start out by choosing a class on Algadon which is from the following:

  • Mage
  • Mystic Warrior
  • Warrior Angel
  • Dragon
  • Elemental Forest Princess
  • Elf
  • Sorcerer
  • Sorceress
  • Orc
  • Archer
  • Assassin
  • Barbarian
  • Realm Defender
  • Dward
  • Knight
  • Merchant

Each one of the classes has unique attributes from the others may it be gold regeneration, health points, or energy each is different.

After your class has been chosen you can start playing the game. Inside the game you start with 4 different stats on the top of the window including Defense, Health, Strength, and Energy. These stats increase as you level throughout the game.

To level in Algadon you must complete quests to gain experience points and other stats for your character. Experience can only be earned while participating in quests.

You can also purchase spells, armor, weapons, food, and potion from the shops to further better your character. Food will help you restore your health after battling an opponent. Weapons and armor will help you with your attack and defense skills. The potions will help you boost your stats in a bind.

There are other premium features of the site that do cost money which include a bank to protect your money from battles, and a premium fee to access more features which include more quests, and classes. Here is a link to their myspace app.

Overall Algadon is a pretty decent game for it being a browser-based RPG this is why I am giving it 3 Gears out of 5.

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  • Antilles

    Worse than junk. A SCAM. It pushes itself as free, though it is not… if you intend to do well. The owner of the game give cheat hints to his close circle of buddies and looks the other way when they advance to unimaginable levels and abilities, while ‘banning’ paying customers who follow their bookmarks to available quests, calling that an exploit of the game. STAY AWAY and save your time and money for better games.

  • Anonymous

    It is one of the most lame games I have ever played………..take time to build up your character or spend money to do it…they get super powerful, only to prey on those who are 20 or 30 times lower than your present power level. Not an isolated few doing this, but everyone. No strategy, nothing engaging. Don’t waste your time or money

  • Anonymous

    Worst game ever. only game i know where it allows someone thousands of levels higher than you to attack you.