Ad agencies going mobile – STRATA

STRATA has released results of their 2nd quarter survey. The results showed that mobile advertising is on the rise and that nearly 1/3 of advertisers are focusing on mobile ads.

With Apple’s launch of the iAd network, and Googles venture into Admob this would make a lot of sense. The report shows that the iPhone ranks at the top with 87% of clients interested in advertising on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android at 30%, and iPad at 26%. It would make sense that the iPhone would have the largest share of advertising considering it has been on the market longer than Android and iPad, but we are not sure what to say about Blackberry.

Another note, the survey reported that TV advertising may be on the rise with 72.5% of agencies interested in digital TV advertising. However advertising on TV is still down 16% from last quarter but the interest alone may be all it needs.

Source: STRATA

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