ThinkGeek USB Doomsday Device Hub Review

Ever find a gadget that just gets you excited looking at it? The ThinkGeek USB Doomsday Device Hub does that for us. This is no ordinary USB hub it has something a little special about it.

The hub is a masterpiece, it features a stainless steel finish, two toggle switches, a key slot, a big red button, a red light, and four usb ports. To operate the device you must carefully plug it into a computers USB slot, then switch on toggle switch 1, then 2, then insert and turn the key in 3. After the 3 step process has been followed very carefully, the big red light should be lit now, extreme caution should be used on the next step. Lift the plastic cover over the big red button and make sure the area is clear because we have no idea what happens when you press the button except that it makes a firing noise. Could it be throwing over a world power on the other side of the world, or maybe the world will end who knows I would think very carefully before pressing it though.

The device also functions as a 4 port usb hub other than the fact that you have so much power at your fingertip. With this hub your peons will grovel before you as taunts of world domination are uttered. But seriously, if you are into cool gadgets as much as we are check out the ThinkGeek USB Doomsday Hub. You won’t regret it.

Check out the rest of the pictures below in the gallery and a demo video.

ThinkGeek Doomsday USB Device DEMO from Matt Jurek on Vimeo.

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