Microsoft patents a Wired/Wireless controller for Xbox?

Now who wouldn’t want a controller for their Xbox that could switch between wired and wireless mode whenever you want. Microsoft has filed a patent for a Wireless and wired Xbox controller that can switch between both modes seamlessly without interrupting gameplay. An excerpt from the patent:

A game controller operates in both a wired mode and a wireless mode, and is able to switch between these two modes without permanent disruption to an ongoing game. During a transition from one mode to another, a host gaming system detects when the controller is physically disconnected (for wired mode to wireless mode) or connected (for wireless mode to wired mode). Upon detection, the host gaming system stores the game data and user information and establishes a new communication link with the controller. The host gaming system subsequently reassociates the game data and user information with the game controller as it begins operating in the new mode. This allows the player to continue game play without interruption.

Now I am not sure what sparked the need for this controller or even if it is for the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox. The picture that is included with the patent is a picture of the original Xbox not the 360. I would imagine that Microsoft is going to actually include an internal power supply in their newest controllers instead of users purchasing a battery pack or batteries. Picture from the patent below.

Entire patent embedded below.

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