Alan Wake Review – Scary or Lame?

Alan Wake proved to be what fans were waiting for. This new horror style third-person shooter style role-playing game gave me the jumps as I played through the levels. The game starts with a Steven King-like theme. Alan wake is a writer of many books and decides to take a break. Alan and his wife,Alice, heads to Bright Falls, for what Alan thinks is for vacation. But before they even get to the ferry to cross the lake, Alan has an odd dream. The darkness consumes the world and a light, a blinding bright light, gives you the tutorial. Short sweet and to the point.

…gave me the jumps as I played through the levels

You (Alan) arrive via ferry to Bright Falls with Alice and head to a diner to pick up the key to a cabin they plan to stay at. Alan heads in to grab the key but the gentlemen with the key is in the bathroom down a dark hallway. After conversing with the locals you (Alan) go back there to find the man, but some lady stops you talking about the darkness being harmful. You (Alan) go back to the door of the men’s room when you turn to see a creepy old women dressed for a funeral. She tells you some bogus story about the owner to the cabin but gives you a hey and directions to another cabin. You (Alan) exit the building and enter the car once again to go to the cabin. As you drive off the gentlemen you were looking for storms out the building with the real cabins keys.

Once at the cabin, Alan notices the sun is going down and for fear that his wife, Alice, is going to freak out, you look for a generator. Yes, Alice is afraid of the dark. Once its found the lights can be kicked on. She readies the cabin while you look around the small island. When you go back into the house, Alice has a surprise. Some love making, not at all. Its a desk with a typewriter. Aggravated, you leave the cabin to go for a walk. Then the nightmare starts. The lights kick off in the cabin. Alice screams and you run back. When you get there your knocked unconscious.

After a lot of confusion you awake outside the car, wrecked, and unsure of what happened. As you head to a gas station, you make a walk through the forest.That’s when you find a piece of manuscript. It reads  of a man with an axe appearing behind “me”. Then you meet the enemy. A creation from the mind of Alan Wake. But if you want to know more, play the game.

series of twist and turns….not for those easily scared

With a series of twist and turns, Alan Wake is not for those easily scared. With every shadow being a possible enemy paranoia can happen after enough. It gets even more thrilling as the story progresses. The game even changes items you find based on how much you use them. For instance, if you used your heavy beam with the flashlight to much, you will find more batteries. Same goes for bullets. But always remember that light is everything in this game and the flashlight reveals safe zones.

In my opinion, this game is pretty good for a flashlight being your way to weaken enemies to kill them. Though the flashlight seems a little on the weak side. You’ll jump a bit in the game if you don’t expect it. I enjoyed the storyline but I wont spoil it. Is it a must play or stay away? I say must play.

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