Playstation 3 – On the Move or a Wii too slow?

That’s right, as said at E3 and talk of gamers everywhere. The Move Motion Controller, planed to be released on September 19, 2010 along with the Move Navigation controller, are already being pre-ordered. With Sony making the move to motion control, many ask why Move? It looks like Nintindo’s Wii remote. With the motion controllers sphere using RGB LED for visual feedback, Sony is confident the Move will be a more influential controller for motion play than any other motion based controller. With lots of added qualities, Move itself shows it will give Wii a run for its money.

Move, like Wii’s Remote, comes wireless. With a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and USB connection for recharge, it ensures no need to buy batteries every week and extended game play. The move also comes with a vibration feedback for specific action. But as all motion controllers promise, Move has “Advanced motion sensors” that will “precisely track both fast and subtle movements” as said on Also like the Wii, you can get accessories for you Move controller. Yeah, like a Wii, I mean Move Shooting Attachment. Looks familiar, right? Either way PlayStation Move is a hopeful look in the future of motion controls and fps style games moving to motion controls. With Wii’s family style game selection, PlayStation has the chance to add fps games to the motion controlled world.

With games titles coming out like F.3.A.R., Medal of Honor, Call of Duty Black Ops, and Socom 4, which are set to release after Move, are hopeful Move compatible games. Showing on E3, the Move seemed to be a new leader in possible fps and action based games. With the PlayStation Eye and The LED at the top of Move, PlayStation suggest, and theory would agree, with any motion you are guaranteed accuracy. This will add a little extra difficulty for hardcore gamers. You’ll actually have to aim!
All in all, even with the Wii remotes look, the Move will still be a good add for PlayStation. With all its additions and a huge market of gamers, Move will make its move.

Check here for more info on how Playstation Move works.

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