Walmart lists Kinect price and bundles

Walmart has listed their price for Xbox Kinect as well as some bundle offers on their website. Walmart is offering the individual unit for 149.54 which is exactly what the Microsoft store was pricing it at. It is only available for pre-order online for the time being.

They are also offering a Kinect bundle for $199 with a bonus $30 Walmart online gift card. The bundle includes several different choices if you preorder online. You can choose from the following games; Harry Potter: Deadly Shadows, Kinect Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride, Kinectimals, Kinect Sports or Kinect Adventures.

So the included items will be the game of your choice, Kinect, and a $30 eGift card from Walmart. For $199 with a game and a gift card that isnt bad, but most gamers arent going to pay $199 or even $149 for Kinect. If Microsoft wants Kinect to sell competitively they will need to set a lower initial price point.

Source: Walmart via Gizmodo

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