The iPhone 4 failed the Consumer Reports test, what should Apple do next?

If you havent heard the last couple of days, has stated that they cannot recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers. The reason being, after extensive lab tests the reception issue on the iPhone 4 was confirmed and was a definite problem for consumers. The problem is a confirmed design flaw with the iPhone 4 and Apple needs to step up to fix it free of charge.

Apple has stated that it is a software issue, that 2 or more bars are appearing when they should’nt. I honestly do not see how a software update will fixed dropped calls when my hand touches the bottom left side of the phone. The simple fix for this issue has been discussed before, a piece of duct tape or wiring tape can be placed over the bottom left portion of the phone therefore insulating the antenna from being touched. Another solution however is the use of a case for your iPhone 4.

However Apple needs to step up to the plate on this issue and stop dodging the truth. Apple should make a public statement about the signal issues with the iPhone 4 and offer a fix for the general public free of charge. My hope is that with the current news from Consumer Reports, is that Apple will have to do just that to keep their name from being tarnished even further.

Source: Consumer Reports

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