Details on Kinect, Wifi extension cable?

A couple weeks ago we found details on Xbox Kinect’s pricing and we went through what was included with a purchase of Kinect. One of the items that is included with Kinect was a WiFi Extension Cable. Well, nobody actually knew what this was, so we contacted Microsoft and asked them ourselves. Here is what they said:

The Wi-Fi extension cable included with the Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 is for connecting to an external Wi-Fi adapter.  This allows the use of a dual-band connection.  The Kinect sensor and Xbox 360 S have their own built-in Wi-Fi, but the extension cable will be necessary for configuring a dual-band connection.

From what I get from this, the extension cable is for configuring a ad-hoc connection between the Xbox 360 S and the Kinect? I asked for further clarification from Microsoft, let me know what you think.

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