First iPhone 4 Lawsuit against Apple and AT&T

With the recent news of the iPhone 4 reception issues and the less than adequate response from Steve Jobs to hold the phone differently, who would expect that someone would sue Apple. Well Kevin Mccaffrey and Linda Wrinn are doing just that, Gizmodo has gotten an exclusive, documenting the lawsuit in detail. I have tried to find this document on the web but have not been able to. Besides suing Apple, they are also taking it to AT&T as well. I honestly think that Apple should have investigated the issue further before issuing a response and taken responsibility for the problem instead of shifting blame. What do you think?

Here are some of the things covered in the lawsuit.

• General Negligence (APPLE and AT&T)
• Defect in Design, Manufacture, and Assembly (APPLE)
• Breach of Express Warranty (APPLE)
• Breach of Implied Warranty for Merchantability (APPLE and AT&T)
• Breach of Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose (APPLE and AT&T)
• Deceptive Trade Practices (APPLE and AT&T)
• Intentional Misrepresentation (APPLE and AT&T)
• Negligent Misrepresentation (APPLE and AT&T)
• Fraud by Concealment (APPLE and AT&T)


-Source: Gizmodo

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