ATT 2GB Data plan is a joke heres why – iPhone 4

So, I got my iPhone 4 today, and of course I had to update all of my apps. I have not yet connected my new iPhone 4 to my wifi network yet. So I started updating apps on my iPhone like I normally do. Later while I was going through my settings on the phone I noticed that the phone had already downloaded over 4Gb of data only doing app updates! Now I see why ATT removed the unlimited data plans very clearly. Take a look at the screenshot of my usage screen on my new iPhone 4 below:

All I could say was wow!, I am glad I kept the unlimited data plan but what about all of the people that didn’t? How much data has your new iPhone 4 used, go ahead and check.

UPDATE: The data may have carried over in an iTunes sync, we cannot be absolutely sure though.

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